In an area teeming with attractions and tiny, secretive places waiting to be discovered, you will find nature, sport, tradition and culinary art. Discover Vergiate, whose Latin name means “lying on greenery”, and the surrounding areas of Curione, Corgeno, Cimbro e Sesona, tourist locations worth discovering in their varied apsects.
Travel over the calm waters of Lake Maggiore and taste the local perch, a symbol of this area, whose tender and delicate flavour makes it play a leading role in maginificent rice dishes. Or discover the culinary secrets of neighbouring valleys, such as polenta, mountain cheese and game – and don’t forget the remarkable wines from the hills dottting Novara’s countryside.
Seek artistic trasures in Villa Litta Panza Menafoglio or on Lake d’Orta and Stresa with its lakeside and romantic walks.

If your favourite activity is shopping, Green Motel suggests visiting the Vicolungo Outlet and the Foxtown shopping centre in Mendrisio.


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Among the many businesses in the area, we selected for you the ones we find most original and interesting.

A wellness centre where one can find well-being and total relaxation.

A typical countryside restaurant, warm, welcoming and with a large garden.

An authentic and homey restaurant serving traditional local fare.

A varied and hilly course offering breath-taking views and games for all proficiency levels.

Everything you need to play up to the sexy side of you or to find spicy gifts.

A discreet and transgressive club, suitable for couples and singles alike.